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  • We are pancake, we give a toss

    So we came up with our slogan and our company name – read the full explanation – now we’ve got to decide what to do with it. I’m blaming Eamonn for not admitting to drunkenly encouraging it for our lack of “vision”. I need to find some time to design the site and “brand identity” […]

  • How does Web 2.0 make a profit?

    It’s an important question, one which not enough people are asking. After all, people are in this to make a living, not just because it’s cool, aren’t they? I read a great article today called Web 2.0, Revenue Models and Profitability on The Drama 2.0 Show on the subject. It’s well worth sharing because it […]

  • Why do so many business sites do nothing?

    I was trying to find out more about a company today and in doing so clicked on a link taking me to their website. Which was as useful as a wet fart. They are the UK contact for a flashy brand of bicycle component. I know this because the component manufacturer’s website tells me that. […]