Category: Journalism

  • The best tools for note taking

    I’ve still not found anything to beat pen and paper

  • Vanity Fair, the Lockerbie deal and building branding trust

    This is an impressive piece of journalism that you should read: The Lockerbie Deal. No matter what platform you put it on the quality of writing and research shines through. Here’s the summary of what to expect: “A Vanity Fair investigation reveals new details about the business interests and private dealings that lay behind the…

  • Talking Tour De France on BBC Radio 2

    Here’s a hit I did for Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 show yesterday trying to demystify the Tour De France for them. Play in new window | Download

  • Shooting with small handhelds

    Yesterday I was at Beebcamp2 and put up a session on shooting video with small handheld devices. We discussed devices in use by people producing everything from news packages (Stephen Chittenden on Operation Longreach) to documentaries and even stuff to be screened in a cinema (Shoot The Summer). I thought I’d jot down some of…

  • Paul Mason on the future of journalism

    Paul Mason’s the Economics Editor for Newsnight, an NUJ rep and someone whose journalism I’ve got plenty of time for. He’s also, in my opinion, been one of the best adopters of/adapters to new technology at the BBC. He’s pretty forthright in his views, some of which I personally agree with, in particular on the…