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  • Brio dachshund

    Brio dachshund, originally uploaded by leguape. My girlfriend bought this for our flat. And yes, I would really like a real miniature dachshund but a fourth floor flat is no place for one to live.

  • My favourite London museum

    Natural History Museum, London, originally uploaded by leguape. The Natural History Museum in South Kensington. I was going to write all about how and why I love it but I keep on running out of time to do so. So here’s a picture. And no, none of the dinosaurs was missing as far as I […]

  • Tour of Britain 2008 – Stage 1 photos

    Tour of Britain 2008 – Stage 1, originally uploaded by leguape. Having a pro Flickr account is actually encouraging me to take more pictures and post more. I guess when you’ve paid your money you’ve got a reason to be there. This is one from my small collection of images I took on the opening […]

  • Roman Holiday

    Rome, May 2008, originally uploaded by leguape. I’ve finally got round to getting a Flickr Pro account which means I’ve been uploading my backlog of photos from this year, including two trips to Italy which have been quite productive photographically speaking. This is a shot of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, taken in May. Not […]