Category: Projects

  • We are pancake, we give a toss

    So we came up with our slogan and our company name – read the full explanation – now we’ve got to decide what to do with it. I’m blaming Eamonn for not admitting to drunkenly encouraging it for our lack of “vision”. I need to find some time to design the site and “brand identity” […]

  • New cycling blog

    I’ve launched a new cycling blog at which will be my new project for the year, or at least until the Etape comes round again next year. The idea is to write about all aspects of my cycling life, not just the one event. Mostly I’ve been writing about racing, or my attempts at […]

  • Etape blog launched

    As part of my mission for this year to ride the Etape Du Tour for a charity called Get Kids Going! I’ve decided to write about the preparation and the experience. It’s a way of promoting what I am doing and somewhere to direct people to read about it. It’s also a sort of hub […]

  • Finally!

    Version 3 is up and running. A few bits still need filling in with the crayons but the new site has finally pestered me into almost finishing it. Yes, it is a bit minimal and looks a bit like many blog sites, but that’s what I wanted. There will be singing and dancing bits but […]

  • Version 3 nearly complete

    Almost done with this redesign/freshen up. The concept is something very simple and unfussy which will be easy to maintain. The news section is driven by while the other pages are static, generated from the one template in Dreamweaver. I have been looking at other alternatives such as Typepad or Movable Type from Six […]