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  • Making video material verifiable – identifiable features

    Reading¬†Journalism and a world in transition: Wadah Khanfar’s James Cameron memorial lecture¬†I thought I’d pick out this passage which relates to how Syrian activists have helped make material easier to verify: The repetitive doubting, for instance by the Syrian authorities, of what al-Jazeera transmits of news and pictures received via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and…

  • #bbcsms: BBC processes for verifying social media content

    Below is the text of an article I wrote for the BBC College of Journalism website on verification processes for social media in BBC News, published 11 May 2011: From Tunisia, via Egypt, to Libya and Syria, verifying and acquiring eyewitness/citizen journalist/user-generated content has become increasingly complicated as the material has become more sophisticated. At…

  • Newsgathering in the open

    My tweets from a discussion with Andy Carvin and Jay Rosen on the nature of Andy’s twitter work: is it newsgathering or news reporting?