Bromyard House: Hot water problem with bath/shower mixer tap

I’ve been investigating the temperamental hot water from the bath/shower mixed tap. A few people have been reporting that the hot water coming out of the bath/shower mixer isn’t properly hot while the water from kitchen and basin taps still is.

The good news is that it isn’t necessarily a plumber’s job.

I spoke to Vado, formerly Eurobath, (tel: 01934 744466) who manufacture the tap system installed (Kiruna is the range it comes from) and they suggest that it if you can feel hot water coming into the inlet tap but not out of the mixer nozzle then it is possibly calcification of the thermostatic cartridge due to extreme hard water in the W3 area.

The technical service person I spoke to said it’s a simple 10 minute job to replace and that he can talk you through it over the phone if needs be. He rattled through it a bit quickly for me but it all seemed achievable if you can figure out where and how to turn off the water and how to get the temperature guage tap off.

They can order the part for you and charge for delivery. I was quoted 73.15GBP for it, although I can’t remember whether that included VAT and delivery or not. The part number is HUB-001A-WAX.

Alternatively you should be able to order it from Folkard Bolding on The Vale (just next to Tesco) who originally supplied the sanitary ware to the development. I’ll try and get a quote from them today. Knowing how often I’ve had to go to Bollo Lane to collect parcels, this might be the simplest solution for anyone in need of one. They can be reached on 020 8749 1021.