My Roland Mouret Mr Menswear sweater

Outside of those who have seen the preview in Paris I’m not sure who has seen or got their hands on Roland Mouret’s venture into menswear under the label “Mr”. The Guardian describes it as “The new label to covet” going on to say

“Mouret’s new venture, brilliantly named Mr (his initials reversed) will be super luxurious but based around unfussy clothes that are designed to go together. Available from August, our favourite look has the whiff of Don Draper relaxing at the weekend about it – never a bad thing.”

Monsieur Mouret is quoted by Fashion United describing it thus:

“I wanted it to be sensual, understated sexiness, almost Kubrick-like but something a woman could look at and immediately see that would be perfect for their husband.”

Which is why I feel rather honoured that he gave me an engagement gift of one of his sweaters. Actually, he gave it to my fiancée for me, who has known him for years.

Roland Mouret V-neck sweater

I’ve yet to wear it out of the house. In fact every time I try it on I’m mildly terrified of snagging it or spilling something on it.

I’ve never owned such a high-end item of clothing. I only get that nervous about new shoes or bikes usually.

I now understand how women feel when they buy a special dress. It’s nerve-wracking.

That aside, it feels ever so nice on. It’s merino wool with silk and cashmere, so light that it practically floats.

The knit is amazing, like crocodile skin but in wool. I could stare at it for hours.

And I have no idea what to wear with it to do it justice. You can’t really team it with a pair of Old Navy jeans or something from M&S, even if it is from the Autograph range.

The label says it’s a Dover Street Market exclusive, so I assume this is a style that will turn up there once the range starts going into stores.

One final quote from Mouret, via the NY Times:

“‘I see this as a wardrobe, not a collection,’ said Mr. Mouret. ‘Men are shy, and they really want to be understood without talking.’”

It’s easy to see why the collection is so desirable when it can be described in such beautiful language. And I really love the suit he’s wearing in the pic on this article on