Atomicecho to leguape dot com

I figured that after nearly 11 years of using leguape as my login for pretty much everything, I might as well go the whole hog and start using the domain name, seeing as I own it.

There are other leguape available on the internet, who you are welcome to explore.

But this is where I have come to reclaim some of the rubbish I’ve scattered around the internet over the intervening years since I decided to use it for my Popbitch login. And there is a lot of rubbish, believe me, I’ve checked.

Where does it come from? It’s a corruption of the Spanish El Guapo, meaning “the handsome one”, bestowed on me by a young frenchman called Jean Luc in 1998.

Next challenge is to make sure everything has moved without problems and nothing gets lost along the way. Then there’s the joyless task of updating email subs and logins for e-commerce sites and everything else with the new domain.