Category: Tech

  • Experiments and experiences with Tumblr for content aggregation

    I’ve been tinkering away for a while now with a Tumblr account. You can view the results at Leguape’s tumblr of fun. It’s an aggregation of pretty much all my social media activity outside of Facebook and Friendfeed (which I barely use now other than passively). What does it use? For content I read and […]

  • Upgrading to MT4.25

    So there was a fanfare and loads of excitement promised, and what am I left with? Well the layout has changed without me doing anything, as you can see. It was thin-wide-thin, now it’s gone wide-thin-thin without my permission. FFS, If I wanted this much hassle with my non-office setup I would have bought a […]

  • Facebook vs Google Connect

    Everyone seems to want your identity these days, from crooks to corporates. I’m playing around with Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect at the moment to see which one offers me most as someone running a piffling little website. First up, a completely different topic: I have a problem with Facebook only allowing me to […]

  • Why do so many business sites do nothing?

    I was trying to find out more about a company today and in doing so clicked on a link taking me to their website. Which was as useful as a wet fart. They are the UK contact for a flashy brand of bicycle component. I know this because the component manufacturer’s website tells me that. […]

  • Can you Digg it?

    I use three social bookmarking sites at the moment – Delicious, Digg and Reddit – all in slightly different ways. Of the three, Digg is the one that I seems to find the most awkward to post into. I thought it might be because, primarily, I use Safari to browse on my mac at home […]