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  • 10 things I know at 40

    1. “And for the rest, we live because we cannot afford not to, because that is life” – Renato Serra I first read this quote in the chapter titled Obsession in Mira Liehm’s Passion and Defiance: Italian Film from 1942 to the Present while studying at Manchester University (same drama course and year as Benedict […]

  • Object of desire: Nigel Cabourn Air Craft jacket

    My friend Brian of Drifting Camera turned me on to Nigel Cabourn recently, along with OiPolloi.com who have got the Nigel Cabourn Air Craft jacket in a lovely blue. I tried it on in Selfridge’s the other day and my god did it feel beautiful. The quality of the cut, the materials, the details. Everything […]